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Trading company Laboratory

Trading company «Laboratory» is a supplier of medical equipment for laboratories to the Healthcare Industry.

Our range of products includes the modern medical hardware, installation services and personnel training.

Our company was founded in 2009 and from this time we provide complete furnishing of laboratories in medical and research institutions. Our staff members have special medical and technical education and competence. The catalog of laboratory equipment offers more than 500 products from leading manufacturers from around the world.


Information about some of our products:

Laboratory equipment, Microscopes, inverted Microscopes, Upright Microscopes, Stereo Digital cameras


Spectrophotometers and photometers

Photometers and spectrophotometers

Spectrophotometers Thermo Spectronic

Centrifuges, Shakers

Biochemical analyzers

Semi-automatic biochemical analyzer

Automatic biochemical analyzer

Biochemical Express analyzers

Blood analyzers, hematology analyzers

Hemostasis analyzers (coagulometer)

ELISA analyzers

Acid-base and electrolyte analyzers

ESR analyzer


Urology analyzers, Urodynamic systems

and some others.

We cooperate with some of the leading manufacturers of laboratory equipment. Our goal is to provide of our clients the best decisions of laboratory equipment with high quality and professional support.



We have vast client database. Currently actively collaborating with 550 clients, consisting of state and private clinics. Participating in more than 20 exhibitions in Russia annually. Organizing and participating in trade conferences, congresses and forums.



Highly skilled and experienced sales managers, engineers and logistic specialists are the main reason of our success. Our employees carry out starting-up and adjustment as well as repair in all the regions, where we deliver equipment. Our customers are aware and value our high-level qualified staff and their readiness to react immediately in any situation.


Wide branch network.

Branch employees involved in professional forums and exhibitions. Have good contacts with local state and private clinics. A wide branch network provides fast and reliable delivery and service of laboratory equipment.


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Head Office

October Boulevard, 12

Korolev, Moscow region, Russia

Tel: + 7 (495) 175-51-49


Branch "Ural"

Perm region, Perm, Russia

tel. +7 (342) 287-31-23

Gaidara str, 16a


Branch "South"

Taganrogskaya, 144

Rostov-on-Don, Russia

tel. (919) 880-22-02


Branch of "Siberia"

1 Yel'tcova, 1

Novosibirsk, Russia

tel.: (383) 363-08-34